In House Seminar

Organize a special seminar in your area. A variety of practical modules, now seminars and courses are not only high-impact, but also fun to attend!

Marketing and Sales Skills with “Pukau” Selling Technique

This program will provide a practical overview on the process of Sales and Persuasive Communication. Participants will learn to build customers’ rapport; to the point prospect becomes comfortable and open to listen, in 3 minutes time. Aside from that, participants will be exposed to prospect’s mindset thus helping them to identify how the prospect may be influenced, their dominant thinking style, buying strategies and more.

5 Star World Class’ Customer Service for Delivery Excellence

A program that focuses on understanding the true meaning behind customer service. There are more to customer service than accomplishing task or fulfilling customers’ wants and needs. Creating the best customer experience when dealing with participants’ organization is the ultimate goal.

Negotiation and Agreement Skills with S.I.N.E.R.G.I Technique

A program that exposes participants to a concise and prompt negotiation process to achieve desired agreement. It is a skill that needs to be learned to boost self and organization’s achievement. This program help participants in creating compatibility by understanding human psychology and using it to influence mutual agreement.

Charismatic and Effective Public Speaking Skills with S.P.E.A.K. Technique

The ability to stand and convey message in front of a large crowd is one thing that all great world leaders have in common. This program is constructed to help you become more effective and persuasive. Improve team’s performance with presentation and speech skills now!

Effective Coaching & Supervision Skills For Improved Team Performance

Boost your team performance with proper coaching techniques. A good supervisor must be able to handle himself and guide team members to do their finest.

Thinking and Innovation Skills with M.I.ND. Tools

Problem solving skills and being innovative in decision making is important for every individual. This particular program will explain on solving problems creatively. It also train participants to organize their thoughts in order to make optimum decision for organization.

The Art of Communication and Interaction for Team Excellence Using C.O.N.N.E.C.T! Techniques

The ability to communicate effectively helps to build a positive relationship between you and client as well as between colleagues. Moreover, it improves self –esteem and add great value to your performance.