Mega Seminar

An active, fun methodology seminar suitable for 200-500 participants. Music, games and sharing activities help to shape both mind and skillset to excellence. It truly is a wonderful experience.

Mega Vaganza Seminar
The Power of Positive Thinking

Academic findings show optimistic thinking helps to increase problem solving ability, becomes more proactive and turns you into a better team member. This seminar uses an interesting methodology to build positive mindset. It is also available for small groups with more exclusive methodologies.

Mega Vaganza Seminar
Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence to Unleash Potential

People often talk about emotional intelligence (EQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ) without knowing about its process. These two components are vital in enhancing one’s potential and performance. Participants will stimulate their potential and self-esteem thus portraying a brand new passion for work.

Mega Vaganza Seminar
Managing Stress and Making Work Fun for Optimal Performance

Helping participants understand what and how to handle stress to ensure work performance is ideal. Furthermore, participants will learn how to face and solve conflict before it becomes unnecessary conflict.